UV protection is important for the health of our eye and delicate skin around our eyes.

UV exposure is a risk factor for many eye conditions, such as pterygium, cataract, macular degeneration and skin cancers on eye lids. Tinted sunglasses provide UV protection and some protection from bright light.

The relationship between lighting and the negative impacts of glare can be complex. Angle of sun, cloud scatter and surrounding environment all combine to vary the effects of lighting on vision and visual comfort.

Glare is more than just bright light.

Glare comes from high intensity reflected light and bright light with a high proportion of the light from the blue end of the visible light spectrum.

Reflected light becomes polarised and can be particularly intense.

Examples of reflected light are when the sun is reflected off wet roads, the water, windscreens, car bonnets or white sand. The combination of polarisation and blue filtering in high quality sunglasses improves, vision, visibility and reduces discomfort from glare as well as providing UV protection.

Prescription sunglasses can also be polarised so that vision potential can be maximised.

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