OCT stands for Optical Coherence Thermography. This equipment is a valuable tool at our clinic. It helps us, as optometrists, to screen clients and diagnose early signs of eye disease and eye-related conditions.

It’s very common to experience changes in vision as we age, especially for those aged over 40. The Angiography OCT machine enables early detection of issues which are not readily seen on the eye’s surface. This can make the world of difference to a patient’s long term prognosis and can, in many cases, prevent blindness or long-term vision impairment.

The key benefit of the Angiography OCT machine is that is provides us with a detailed image of your eye, beneath the retina surface. This gives a much better indication of eye health than your average eye exam. With an Angiography OCT scan, we’re able to see the layers of your retina and how thick they are, and conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and other retina-related diseases can be more easily diagnosed.

The actual procedure with the Angiography OCT machine is very fast – less than 10 minutes. And, it’s non-invasive. The machine doesn’t actually touch your eye. You just look into the machine.

Regular Angiography OCT examinations are recommended. You can have them as part of your two-yearly eye examinations. But, if you are experiencing any particular vision difficulties, you may need to be checked more regularly.

If you’re curious to find out more about what’s going on behind your retinas, call us at Gulf and Ranges Optometrists on 8642 2766. Make an appointment for an eye check up and we’ll be able to advise whether you could benefit from additional screening with the OCT machine.