What Will Match My Hair Colour?

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Here are some tips about what coloured frames will best suit your hair colour.

What will match my hair colour?

Brown Hair

Brown hair will look great with dark coloured frames – black, brown, burgundy, dark green. Warm hues are best, as even the darkest of greys is likely to wash you out. For people with dark brown hair, bright colours such as bright red, blue, or yellow, can offer a unique pop of colour and contrast. For lighter brown hair, stick to earthy tones.

Blonde Hair

Most colours can be worn if you have blonde hair – particularly if you have light blonde hair. Bright colours will look great, as will cool pastels – blues, greys and shades of white. If you are more of a golden blonde, check out a tortoise-shell style, or earthy colours. Black frames are also a good choice for blondes, regardless of whether you’re a warm blonde or a cool blonde.

Black Hair

Black hair will match almost any coloured frame – bright, dark, pastels, or simple black, white or grey. Patterned frames will also complement black hair. Avoid brown tones, though, as it won’t do you any favours. Unless it’s a tortoise-shell design, which will look good if there are some black accents within the frame.

Red Hair

Red, orange or green frames are a good match for red hair. You can choose bright colours or dark and earthy tones. Classic black, white or grey will also look great.

Grey Hair

Grey hair looks superb with bright colours – especially if your hair is a light grey or white. Cool colours and pastels will also contrast well. If you’d prefer more simple tones, you can pair your grey hair with black or metal frames.

Making the right choice

If you’re not sure which way to go with the colour of your new frames, let us help you. Our friendly staff can assist you to find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face, hair and features.

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