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Is there a charge to see an optometrist?

Yes, we do charge patients to see our optometrists and we provide on the spot Medicare rebates for eligible patients.

We have longer appointments so that your optometrists can get a comprehensive understanding of your vision needs. Your eye examination involves determining your visual needs and providing choices to improve what you see.

Your optometrists will discuss how you can identify and maintain good eye health into the future.

All optometrists at the Practice pursue ongoing learning to provide you with the best service and use the latest technology.

How long will my appointment be?

Every patient is different and so we offer a range of different appointment types.

As a rule, if you are new to the Practice or coming in for a comprehensive eye examination you will be with your optometrist for around 40 minutes to 1 hour.

This time allows your optometrist to really understand why you have come in and we can find solutions for your vision and eye health needs.

How long will I wait for my new glasses?

Once you have been prescribed lenses by the optometrist and an optical dispenser has helped you to select your new glasses frames it takes approximately 10 – 15 working days for your custom made glasses to arrive at the Practice.

You will receive a text message or phone call to let you know that your glasses have arrived and are ready for you to collect.

When you come into pick up your new glasses, you will have a few checks made  to ensure your new eyewear is comfortable for your vision and fit well.

How young can my child be for an eye test?

We test children’s eyes from as young as birth.  

Your child’s optometrist will have gained additional qualifications in paediatric management.

If I have something in my eye, or mucky eyes should I see an optometrist?

We are best placed to help you with your eye health and all our optometrists are therapeutically endorsed. This means they can diagnose your problem and provide you with any eye medication scripts you may need. We will follow up with you and review your recovery if necessary.

Our optometrists have close working relationships with GPs and ophthalmologists and will communicate with your health professional to manage your eye condition when required.

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