How long before I get my new glasses?

2022-04-18T09:47:13+09:3021 March 2022|

Once you have been prescribed lenses by your optometrist and an optical dispenser has helped you to select your new glasses frames it takes approximately 10 - 15 working days for your custom made glasses [...]

Is there a charge to see the optometrists?

2022-04-18T09:47:48+09:301 February 2021|

Yes, we do charge patients to see our optometrists. We provide on-the-spot Medicare rebates for eligible patients. We have longer appointments so that your optometrists can get a comprehensive understanding of your vision needs. Your [...]

How long will my appointment be?

2022-04-18T09:43:43+09:301 February 2021|

Every patient is different, so we offer a range of appointment types. As a rule, if you are new to the Practice or coming in for a comprehensive eye examination you will be with your [...]

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