A Guide to Choosing The Right Coloured Glasses for you

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Choosing eyewear is a big decision, made more difficult by the fact that whatever you choose, you will normally want to wear your new glasses at least for the next year or so, and for some people – everyday!

When faced with a multitude of choices of shapes, colours and styles, making your choice can take a long time. And, while choosing a neutral frame may seem like the best option, when you take the time to match your glasses with your features such as eyes, skin and hair, you can achieve a polished look.

At Gulf & Ranges Optometrists, our friendly staff can assist you to find something to suit your individual needs. But, here’s a brief colour guide of what to look for, to help you find some glasses that make the most of your features…

What will match my eye colour?

Blue eyes

To make your blue eyes look brighter, look for a frame in a contrast colour. A bright red, pink, green, navy blue or black can make your eyes pop. However, avoid very dark colours if you have pale skin as it may wash you out.

For a more understated look, choose a blue or grey shade which will complement your blue eyes.

Brown eyes

Dark, brown eyes will look great teamed with both bright-coloured frames, such as red, blue, or green. Earthy tones will also match brown eyes well, such as tortoise-shell patterns, gold fleck frames, khaki green shades or deep burgundy coloured frames. For a simple, classic look, black frames will suit, or a thin gold metal frame.

Green eyes

Highlight your green eyes with a dark contrast frame – black, orange, or purple will look great. Green eyes can also match with earthy tones such as tortoise-shell, deep brown, or burgundy. For a more unique look, you can pair with brighter colours such as a cobalt blue frame, or a red. Avoid grey frames, unless it’s a darker grey, as a light grey will wash you out, particularly if you have pale skin as well.

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are a little more complex to match and it’s highly dependent on what shade of hazel your eyes actually are. Some people with hazel eyes have more of a brown tinge, some have more green and others have a high degree of yellow or gold tones. Pick a frame that picks up on one of the colours in your eyes – tortoise shell, or glasses with a gold fleck can work well. As can various shades of green. Black also offers a classic solution which will frame your hazel eyes as a feature.

Making the right choice

If you’re not sure which way to go with the colour of your new frames, let us help you. Our friendly staff can assist you to find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face, hair and features.

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